All our seafood are fresh and selected daily with love.
We cooperate with fishermen from Cyprus

and all over Greece - Kythira, Ikaria, Kavala, Andros, Karystos, Crete etc. Our aim is to offer high quality,

fresh fish and seafood every day

at a fair price for everyone.

Sustainable fisheries


Supporting our island...
We work with local fishermen from Cyprus

and all over Greece.

Our aim is to offer high quality,

fresh seafood always

with fair pricing for all.

Fresh & high quality 


Fresh and high quality ingredients...
Our recipes are made with Greek and

local products  in our restaurant. 
In our recipes we use 70% organic products (rice, potatoes, flour, pasta, bread, sauces, eggs, vegetables, aromatic herbs, balsamic) and always organic extra virgin olive oil. All of our ingredients are GMO FREE and 
ΝΟ Preservatives, ΝΟ Additives

from “etherio Bio Stores”.



We choose to recycle starting like this...
we Refuse - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Let's go for 

zero food waste

Let’s all try together

for zero food waste...